Did You Know?

The Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) test is the preferred test for diagnosing diabetes due to convenience and is most reliable when done in the morning.


Diagnostic Testing & Therapies at EMMC

Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center is proud to be on the cutting edge of advancement in medical technology and therapy. Please review this partial list of diagnostic testing provided by EMMC and request an appointment.

BPro Pulse Wave Analysis - a non-invasive assessment of the Central Aortic Systolic Blood Pressure.
CardioVascular Profiler - a non-invasive test measuring the elasticity of your arteries.
Autonomic Neuropathy Testing - a non-invasive test measuring variations between heartbeats.
Peripheral Neuropathy Testing - a non-invasive assessment of nerve performance in the extremities.
EKG & ECG - a test that measures the electrical signals that control the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Anodyne Infrared Therapy - a treatment that uses light energy to increase circulation in the area to which it is applied.
P-STIM for Pain Management - a treatment that administers auriculo point stimulation treatment over several days to relieve pain.